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Unplanned Pregnancy


Discovering you are pregnant at a point in life, which you have not planned for, can leave you facing a barrage of emotions. You could be paralysed with fear and unable to think about your situation and what the future may hold for you.


In addition, you could be facing conflict at home with your partner or family members, all of whom may be advising you about what you should do. This is often a vulnerable time when a woman feels isolated and, because of the added pressure of time, it can make the decision making process difficult.


It is important for any woman who is undecided about whether or not she wants to continue with the pregnancy, to have all the facts before her.   Informed consent is the key to decision making and she would need all the relevant information to help her do this. It is not only the medical facts that she needs, but the emotional and psychological effects that her decision will impact on her life.


It is when all this information, plus a woman’s unique circumstances have been explored, that she has the opportunity to think about the outcomes for her. If a woman is compelled to make a decision without this information, there may be a greater risk that later on she will feel she had no choice in the matter. This can then lead to the risk she will suffer adverse psychological consequences.


Liberty provides each woman with the time to explore their feelings and ask questions-it is not a time to feel alone. Liberty also ensures that there is a safe, confidential space to explore their situation with a professionally trained counsellor. This will aid in giving them a much deeper understanding of their feelings and identify any underlying history which may be affecting their decision making process.


Our counsellors are non- judgemental and support our clients whichever decision is made. For clients who continue to carry on with their pregnancy Liberty can also continue to offer support throughout the pregnancy until after the birth.

Our aim is to meet each woman at their point of need, lighten the heavy weight they may be feeling, as they make, literally, a life changing decision.