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Liberty offers you support from the first moment you find out your pregnant, and if you request further help, it can continue until you are well on your parenting journey.

We Offer...

Counselling for:

• unplanned pregnancy,
• baby loss either through still birth, miscarriage or termination. 
• Pre and post natal depression.

Practical Support

We help with nursery equipment and clothing when available.  This can also be supplied at a small cost, helping you to provide for your babies needs.

Emotional Support

We can provide you with a support worker to talk to on a weekly basis. This would be in a relaxed meeting over coffee, where you can discuss your needs and how we can help you.

This could mean signposting you to the right place where you can be helped in a practical way, building a confidential, caring, relationship with you to support you through your pregnancy to parenting.


We are in the process of starting support groups for pre and post natal depression; sometimes being able to share your experience with others who are in the same position helps you to move forward.  There would also be a different topic each time we meet.

If you interested in joining a group please contact us