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Ethos & Values 


At Liberty Pregnancy Counselling we recognise that some of the issues we deal with can be controversial and may provoke a strong emotional response. We endeavour to be transparent and sensitive in all dealings and this document is to clarify how we operate, our values, and the relationship between our Christian faith and the services we offer.


Liberty came into being when we realised that many women were still experiencing trauma associated with terminations and could not find anywhere locally where they could voice their feelings.

We believe that we can make a difference and, after becoming a registered Charity in November 2012, have since counselled women of all ages who have had pregnancy loss.

Christian Principles

Our motivation is rooted in our Christianity; our work is simply an outworking of our faith.

We are inspired by the message, life and example of Jesus Christ through which we recognise that each individual is of unique value, worthy of respect and deserving of our unconditional love.

We offer acceptance-regardless of religion; background; race; age or sex and do not make value judgements about client’s choices, behaviour or circumstance.

We believe that God gives everyone free will to make their own choices and recognise that the client is responsible in making their own decisions regarding pregnancy.

Liberty is responsible for providing a safe, respectful and caring environment where the client is given time, space and support, to make their own decision with as much information as they want, free from undue pressure or persuasion.

We believe that life begins from the moment of conception and each stage of pregnancy is worthy of respect and dignity .Pregnancy loss clients have the right to grieve for their loss in a loving and accepting environment.

We recognise the importance of always providing unbiased and non-judgemental support to all our clients when counselling, and that we may be most effective when we are silent about our beliefs.

Support offered to Clients

 We offer compassion, support, information and practical help when possible - not a pro-life or pro-choice stance- but based solely on each clients’ needs and how we can help them.

We respect client’s confidentiality.

Our support will always be sensitive, non-directive and impartial.

Any information we give to clients will be impartial, accurate and sensitive.

We will seek to help our clients understand their own circumstances, thoughts and feelings and values.

We will encourage our clients to engage with their emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual selves to whatever extent they wish.

We offer our services to men, women and family members involved in unplanned pregnancies, miscarriage, still birth or termination as we recognise the impact these events have on all concerned. We also recognise the importance of fathers if the choice is to continue with the pregnancy

We expect that many people will use our services without knowing or sharing our Christian ethos.

Working with health professionals and other agencies

We are committed to working with health professionals who have the care of those women who are in need of support when making pregnancy decisions, and offer confidential help in our own private counselling room.

We are able to offer out of office hour’s appointments, to suit the client, if an appointment is available at the time.

We offer professional support from qualified counsellors and advisors, including post abortion support should the client decide to have an abortion

We believe that when working with young people they have the right to protection and guidance from adults who care deeply for their welfare. Liberty follows safeguarding procedures when advising and supporting young people and vulnerable adults.

We offer the use of a support worker, when available, for those clients who need practical help in their pregnancy.

We are independent from termination providers and those who assess client’s suitability for termination.

We do not refer clients for abortions.